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    3333== Notes: ==
    35 '''Present:'''
     35'''Present:''' KL, OE, GB, DN, JPo, WS, HTL, CH, AK
    37 '''Apologies:'''
     37'''Apologies:''' JPa
     391. __Introduction: **//KL//**__
     40 * [[raw-attachment:MajorActivityTemplate.docx|Major activity form]] that has to be returned asap.
     41  * KL will draft a response and circulate.
     421. __Notes on last meeting and actions arising: **//All//**__ \\
     43 Notes accepted.
     44 * **AK:** Prepare strawman SciWire schedule.
     45 * **Done.**  AK will post after the meeting.
     46 * **KL, CH:** Send spreadsheet version of schedules for CDR preparation and Gabor Lens to AK.
     47 * **Done.**
     481. __Progress; comparison to schedule: **//AK//**__ \\
     49 //Gabor lens:
     50  * Lens has been disassembled to be inspected and cleaned.  Source of arcing has been identified.  Holding item now is finding the vacuum gaskets which are beleived to have been delivered to Imperial.
     51  * Discharge believed to have been triggered by the deposit of copper on the insulator.  Pressure rise observed before onset of the discharge.  Key next step is to observe the focusing effect of the lens.\\
     52 //CDR:
     53  * Introduction (KL) now late, but background reading is being done.  KL needs to push on this a little harder.  Other contributions not yet late.
     54 //SciWire:
     55  * Schedule uploaded.  We discussed details of removing the ultraviolet and low-wavelength light from 023 since the fibres are sensitive to ambient light as well as UV.  DN is making progress on the detailed design of the construction jig.
     56  * Agree to meet today/tomorrow to review design and decide how to proceed to manufacture of first prototype.
     57  * Workshop date is now fixed.  Now need to sort out invitations.  Bulletin to be drafted this week, then will circulate and send out first wave of invitations.
     581. __Progress to simulation of space charge: **//JPo et al.//**
     59 * Require input data at 15MeV, i.e. initial particle distribution, so that space-chage simulation can be run.  However, OE's HPC code is not running at the moment.
     60 * Need to ensure that the parameters of the Gabor lens are correct.  Need also to convert into GPT file format.  Agree to work on the 12MeV sample first.  Critical part of the simulation is the part at the aperture of the capture and at the colimator.
     61 * Also can use the 12MeV sample to study the impact of the pointing instability.
     62 * AK will make sure the input files are organised properly in a GIT repository.
     631. __Parameter table update for Gabor Lens and transport: **//KL//**__
     64 * Equivalent solenoid strength can not be added per se as a change in the capture lenses requires a compensating change in the rest of the lattice.  So, need to review concept for the presentation of the table.
     65 * Need to push on this to be sure that we all have the same picture of the lattice under consideration.
     661. __Gabor lens recommissioning update: **//CH//**__ \\
     67 See above.
     681. __LARA CDR skeleton: update: **//All//**__ \\
     69 Notes made above.
     701. __Next steps:  **//All//**__ \\
     71 Note sure this item is needed in future.  Next steps have been noted above.
     721. __AoB__
     73 * None.
    4075=== Summary of actions ===
     76* **KL:** Complete LARA activity template and circulate.