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LhARA Weekly Meeting 7th July 2020; 14:00 BST

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Please join the ZOOM conference:


  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions:
    • KL: Create draft response to referees.
    • KL/WS: to exchange emails with AK re "restart" of experiment and simulation meetings.
  1. Status of pre-CDR publication: KL
    Need to:
    • Prepare short news item to go along with publication.
  1. Preparation of response to referees: KL, ALL

  1. Updates:
    • Capture section: CW
    • Simulation:
      • Particle production at laser target: HTL
      • Gabor lens simulation: TSD
    • Any other simulation

  1. Status of preparation of Expression of Interest for the EPSRC Transformative Healthcare Technologies call: KL, ALL
    Need for:
    • New "institute collage" for talks and publicity;
    • Logo(!).
  1. Conference contributions: All
  1. Next steps: All
  1. AOB