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    33 //**17 December 2019 10:00 GMT**//
     5== Summary of actions: ==
     6* **KK/JP**: Consult regarding specification of the end stations.
     7* **KL**: Initiate preparation of a meeting with interested parties in the UK and the IBC spokespeople.
     8* **KL**: Set up series of meetings with leads at partner organisations to discuss preparation of R&D programme.
     10== Draft notes: ==
     12** Present: ** T.Greenshaw, A.Kurup, K.Long, R.Mclaughlan, S.Smith,  \\
     13** Apologies: ** M.Barbone, T.Becker, S.Boogert, M.Borghesi, C.Brenner, P.Burrows, D.Gujral, K.Kirkby, W.Luk, P.Mckenna, J.Parsons, K.Prise, P.Ratoff, J.Thomason, S.Towe, P.Weightman, R.Xiao
     151. [wiki:Research/DesignStudy/PreCDR/SG/2019-11-28 Notes of last meeting and actions arising:]
     16 * **KK/JP**: Consult regarding specification of the end stations.
     17  * **Stands.**
     18 * **AK**: Ensure that the revised parameter list specifies the spot sizes at the endstations is the 'upper limit' and that focused beams will also be available.
     19  * **Done.**
     20 * **KL**: Solicit further input on possible pre-CDR reviewers before issuing invites.
     21  * **Done.** Further discussion in agenda item 4.
     22 * **KL**: Initiate preparation of a meeting with interested parties in the UK and the IBC spokespeople.
     23  * **Stands.** Further discussion in agenda item 5.
     252. Relationship with RFI and STFC update: KL \\
     26 * KL will meet J.Naismth, Director RFI on Thursday 19Dec19.  KL's intention is to take a version of the 3--5-year R&D plan, with notional costs.  Obviously not the final version but necessary to give indication of requirement if asked.
     27 * Regarding STFC; in Jan20, KL will write formally to G.Blair to explain position and to indicate our intention to submit a consortium bid or a series of bids to develop the LhARA programme.
     293. [raw-attachment:2019-12-17-SGMeeting.pptx​ Status of development of pre-CDR]: AK \\
     30 //See slides. // Points noted:
     31  * TG: asked for the ball-park cost of the laser; this was believed to be ~£1M.  TG also asked whether magnetron acceleration might be appropriate.  We agreed it would bed to be discussed with J.~Pasernak.
     32  * SS: Explained that DL had expertise on implementation of appropriate environement and infrastructure having contributed to the development of the siting plan for teh AVO/ADAM linac.  She offered help on the specification and costing.  This was gratefully accepted.
     344. Status of preparation of pre-publication review of LhARA pre-CDR: KL \\
     35 Following consultation with SG, a four-member panel was defined with expertise covering radiobiology, laser-driven source, accelerator and instrumentation/detectors.  Agreed last time and in conversations with individuals that must be seen to be independent.  The persons invited to join the panel were listed.  Those that have accepted are:
     36  * Yolanda Prezado (Inst. Curie, Paris) -- radiobiology (IBC Deputy Spokesperson)
     37  * Paul Bolton (Munich) -- laser source
     395. Furthering national and international links: All \\
     40 * IBC has instituted an Executive Committee.  KL has been invited to attend the first meeting (21Feb19) to represent LhARA.  Meeting will take place in Rome.
     41 * Last time we agreed to organise a meeting with the IBC as well as the UK peer group who would like to contribute.  After discussion we now plan to interact with IBC spokes in preparation for Feb20 meeting of EC to finalise UK discussion meeting (covered by existing action on KL).
     42  * Goal would be to organise the discussion for the Easter vacation.
     43  * TG: reported that he had a seminar in Birmingham on LhARA in the New Year.  An excellent opportunity.  Publications, talks, and public information can be accessed from the CCAP's "[wiki:Communication Communication]" pages.
     456. Review of actions and next steps: All \\
     46 * End-to-end simulation (in format defined by AK in his slides); this month;
     47 * Jan20: discussions with instutute PIs to make sure R&D plan matures for the end of the month.  KL will set up a series of discussion meetings.
     497. DONMs \\
     50 31Jan20; 10:00 \\
     51 28Feb20; 10:00
     538. AoB \\
     54 * Abstracts to IPAC, PTCOG, and the Apllications of Nuclear Physics special issue have been submitted.
    558== Meeting details ==