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Gabor Lens meeting: 14May20; 16:00 BST


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: KL/All
    • JPo: Provide TSD with the geometry of the present prototype Gabor lens
    • KL/RB: Take a look at the Bingham et al paper on laser-driven accelerator for medicine
    • CW: Introduce Titus to D. Spears and find the ISIS person to contact about access to VSim
    • TSD: Advise on machine requirements for our use of VSIM
    • RB: Advise on VSIM contact in ISIS
    • AK: Circulate relevant documentation on SMILEI so that experts can judge whether the code can be used for instability simulation
  1. Review of calculation of instability: RB

  1. Updates on the particle generation: HT
  1. Updates on the simulation of Gabor lens: TSD
  1. Discussion of next steps: All

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