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    11= Gabor Lens meeting: 23Jul20; 16:00 BST =
    3 **Present:** KL, TN, TSD, HTL, DS, RB, CW
    53== Notes ==
     5**Present:** KL, TN, TSD, HTL, CW, AH, DS, RB
     71. //Introduction, [wiki:Research/GaborLens/Meetings/2020/07/16 notes, and actions]//: **KL/All**
     8 * **TSD/KL** will post it somewhere once a suitable place on the repository is discussed.
     9  * **Done**
     10 * **HT** contact with G.Hicks for input on simulation results.
     11  * **Done.**  Contact with GH made, not response yet.
     13 * Discussion have been initiated regarding the availability of lasers to be used to test lens prototypes.  Discussion with Stratchclyde has taken place and was productive.  Following up at other laser institutes in the coming days.
     152. //Instrumentation discussion with A.Howard// \\
     16 - CW: outlines of needs for the project vis:
     17  - Will have a proton source derived from a laser-foil interaction.  Key features of the proton flux is divergence (~2degrees) and broad energy spectrum (from 0 MeV to, say, 30 MeV).  Transverse size of beam at entry to the lens will be between 5-10mm.  At exit from lens one would have 50-70mm diameter beam.  Want to make a distructive measurement to characterise the beam.  Bunch is expected to be of order 10s of ns long.  Rep rate will be less than or equa to 10Hz.  Resolution of "10+" bins across area of beam was specifie.
     18  - In the discussion we noted that EMP needed to be considered.  That there would be a large, early flux of photons and electrons.  Proton signals need to be distinguished from the early eletromagnetic signals.
     19  - We discussed the possibility that TimePix or MediPix chips might be the appropriate solution.
     20 - AH agreed to consider how the instrumentation might be performed.  We discussed the present timescale and agreed to add AH to the mailing list.
     223. //Progress on beam experiments paper//: **TN** \\
     23 P.Savage had replied to say he could no longer open the cad files.  KL had contacted IC personnel to see if they could open the files.  We agreed that TN would drawn an image that would either be used in the paper or would be used as a specification for a re-drawing excercise by one of the IC mechanical engineers.
     254. //[raw-attachment:HTL_meeting_230720.pdf Updates on the particle generation]//: **HTL**
     26 See slides.  Much discussion hard to limit. \\
     27 Will reproduce map from SMILEI 2D simulation to 3D as was done for pre-CDR.
     295. //[raw-attachment:LhARA_Capture_23Jul20_TSD.pdf Updates on VSim simulations]//: **TSD**
     30 See slides.  First simulation of discharge in orginal Gabor lens prototype.  Simulation of new simulation has been made to run faster by reducing the length and the number of particles in cell.  The hole in the centre has grown and confirms the worry that an unstable plasma has been generated.
     326. //ERC proposal//: **KL/All** \\
     33 [raw-attachment:2020-07-23-B1.docx Updated "B1"] \\
     34 Updated "B2" -- no update this week.
     367. //AOB//: **All** \\
     37 RB: has contact been made with Martin King?  Not yet, will be done in the near future.
    941== Agenda ==