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‚ÄčThe Centre for the Clinical Application of Particles

The Centre for the Clinical Application of Particles is an interdisciplinary collaboration of staff from the Faculty of Medicine, the Imperial Academic Health Science Centre, the Department of Physics, the Imperial CRUK Cancer Centre, the Institute of Cancer Research, the John Adams Institute and the Oxford Institute for Radiation Oncology with the mandate to:

"Develop the technologies, systems, techniques and capabilities necessary to deliver a paradigm shift in the clinical exploitation of particles."

The principal objectives of the CCAP are to:

  • Deliver a broad programme of measurement of the radiobiological effect of particle beams and systematic studies of radiobiological mechanisms;
  • Develop novel, compact, laser-driven accelerator systems for clinical applications; and
  • Develop novel diagnostic, imaging, data-processing, and machine-learning techniques.


Updated: 09Jul21

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