Research/DesignStudy/Meetings/2020/2020-03-17: CCAP-v4.3i.madx

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Version of lattice 4.3 tuned for injection into Stage 2

1beam, particle='proton', e=0.9468, ex=4.08e-8, ey=4.08e-8;
3//all lengths in m
4//drift at the target-capture interface
5o0: drift, l=0.1;
6//length representing the distance from the physical start of the Gabor lens to the start of the hard edge focusing area
7o1: drift, l=0.15;
9//gl1: solenoid, l=0.857, b=1.2868;
10!gl1: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=2.290287;
11//gl2: solenoid, l=0.857, b=0.6671;
12!gl2: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=1.187325;
13//drift for the first RF cavity
14!o2: drift, l=0.5;
15//gl3: solenoid, l=0.857, b=0.8139;
16!gl3: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=1.448605;
17//drift for the energy selection;
18!o3: drift, l=2.55;
19//gl4: solenoid, l=0.857, b=1.3555;
20!gl4: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=2.412561;
21!o4: drift, l=2.9;
22//gl5: solenoid, l=0.857, b=1.3351;
23!gl5: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=2.376253;
26o0: drift, l=0.10;
27o1: drift, l=0.15;
28gl1: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=2.290287; ! anode radius of 3.65cm for all lenses
29o2: drift, l=0.15;
30o2a: drift, l=0.15;
31gl2: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=1.187325;
32o3: drift, l=0.15;
33//RF cavity 1
34s1rf1: drift, l=0.5;
35o5: drift, l=0.15;
36gl3: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=1.30567;
37o6: drift, l=0.15;
38o7: drift, l=2.55;   
39s1rf2: drift, l=0.5;
40o8: drift, l=0.15;
41gl4: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=2.50424;
42o9: drift, l=0.15;
43o10: drift, l=0.1;
44o11: drift, l=0.15;
45gl5: solenoid, l=0.857, ks=0.411532;
46o12: drift, l=0.15;
47//place for octupole now mounted on the flange of gl5
48oct: drift, l=0.1;
49//RF cavity 2
50s1rf2: drift, l=0.5;
51//the extraction dipole is positioned after the RF2
53capture: line=(o0,o1,gl1,o2,o2a,gl2,o3);
54energyselection: line=(s1rf1,o5,gl3,o6,o7);
55matching: line=(o8,gl4,o9,o10,o11,gl5,o12, oct, s1rf2);
56ccapv4: line=(capture, energyselection, matching);
58// Assumed Initial Parameters
59//init_betx := 1.36e-4;
60//init_bety := 1.36e-4;
62//beam, particle=proton, sequence=ccapv6, energy = 0.95327231, NPART=1.05E11, sige=4.5e-4, ex=4.08e-8, ey=4.08e-8;
63Beam, particle = proton, sequence = injection, energy = 450,
64      NPART=1.05E11, sige=4.5e-4 ;
65use, sequence = ccapv4;
67//select, flag = twiss;
68//twiss, sequence=ccapv4, betx=init_betx,bety=init_bety, save, file=full.twiss;
70select, flag = twiss, column=name,s,betx,alfx,mux,
71         bety,alfy, muy,dx,dpx,dy;
72twiss, betx=0.002468,alfx=0.022969,bety=0.002468, alfy=0.022969, Dx=0.0, DPx=0.0, save, centre, file=twissnewi0.out;
74plot,file=injmatch0, haxis=s, vaxis=betx,bety, colour=100;
75//plot,file=s1optics, haxis=s, vaxis=alfx,alfy, colour=100;