BioPhysicsX meeting; 27Mar23; 08:00

Present: AG, CJ, KL, IMcN, PP


  1. News and updates: KL, All
    • CIO "Charged Particles for Cancer Therapy":
      • Constitution finalised. Will be submitted this week.
    • Imperial strategy consultation:
      • Qualtrix input:
        • Required by 31Mar23. KL and IMcN will coordinate their input.
        • KL/IMcN considering submitting "one pager" outlining ambitions for LhARA, LhARA initiative, and potential for multidisciplinary institute.
    • Planning round:
      • KL has submitted paragraph of input to Physics planning round submission. IMcN considering submitting "matching" paragraph.
    • CNRS:
      • KL invited as part of "Brady party" to make presentation on LhARA (initiative) at meeting at CNRS HQ in Paris on 03/04Apr23.
      • Possible link between IRL and White City activity.
  1. BioPhysicsX two-pager: CJ, All
    • Version 0.3
    • Discussion included the following pointers:
      • Need sentences at the beginning to place the initiative/institute in context;
      • Probably good idea to explain the breadth of the LhARA collaboration; 4-nations UK, international, Institut Curie in particular;
      • Need to emphasis key links with FOM/IC NHS H/c Trust (IMcN), OIRO (AG);
      • Add link to clinical applications: trials, transformation in clinical practice as ambition;
      • Line of sight to clinic; the "why" big picture;
      • Potential for spin-offs;
        • IBA, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Procure: system-level potential for tie up with medical-equipment provider
        • Instrumentation and computing as incremental/long-term impact plan, and, no-loss theorem; valuable even if LhARA should fail.
      • Biological impact:
        • In particular, unique potential to provide capability to investigate "spatial/temporal impact of beams at very high doses"
  • We agreed that bullet level inout would be provided to CJ as follows:
    • IMcN: Pre-clincal/clinical facing aspects of institute initiative
    • PP: I/p on delivering "a new, novel, big, different thing"
    • AG: I/p on biology and capability for radiation biology
  1. Actions and next steps: All
    • Update on two pager, ideally this week.
  1. DONM
    • In a month's time.
  1. AoB

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