General mailing lists maintained for information sharing within the CCAP

CCAP-mailing-list <at>

This mailing list is used to communicate with all associated with the Centre for the Clinical Application of Particles.

ccap-accelerator <at>

The CCAP is preparing a CDR for the a novel "Laser-hybrid Accelerator for Radiobiological Applications". This email list is to allow efficient exchange of information in this endeavour.

CCAP-imaging <at>

Mailing list to aid communication in the R&D programme pf the CCAP to provide of novel solutions to image processing to improve RT now and in the future.

ccap-smartphantom <at>

The SmartPhantom is a scintillating-fibre detector designed to measure the dose deposited in a water phantom shot by shot. The device will be deployed at MedAustron in collaboration with MedAustron, the Medical University of Vienna, and the Technical University of Vienna.

ccap-thct2050 <at>

Mailing list to provide effective communication of plans etc. for the CCAP programme of development of novel accelerators, effective image-processing solutions, and automation for RT.

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