ERC proposal Meeting 31st July 2018

Meeting details

14:00 Room 532

Phone details:

UK: 08082 380274
Austria: 0800 006612 

PIN: 5904750902



Present: RT, LM, JPa, AK, KL, CH, VB, DC

  • Informal presentations:
    • Endstation:
      • Need to compare measurements with novel source to 'gold standard' photon source;
      • Also need to compare novel source to beam generated at MedAustron and other standard hardon soures;
      • Principal issue identified is that 5.6MeV protons do not penetrate a sufficient depth of water/medium/plastic;
      • SG is making an attempt to grow cells on a membrane as a route to mitigating the problem;
      • JPa has a solution for energies up to (perhaps) 11MeV. Clearly there is a critical interface from surface of vacuum window in biological end-station to cell layer. Proposal needs to identify this interface, not risk that we don't solve it, and dedicate effort to resolving the issue.
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