LARA CDR Meeting 11th December 2018

Meeting details

14:00 Room 532

Phone details:

UK: 08082 380274
Austria: 0800 006612 

PIN: 5904750902

Full list of telephone contacts may be found here.


  1. Introduction: KL
  2. Notes on last meeting and actions arising: All
  3. Parameter table update for Gabor Lens and transport: JPo, JPa
  4. LARA CDR skeleton: update: All
  5. Next steps: All
  6. AoB


Present: AK, CH, KL, GB, JPa, JPo

Apologies: SG, HTL, OE

  1. Introduction: KL
    • Main item for this meeting is preparation for the CDR.
  2. Notes on last meeting and actions arising: All
    • Notes accepted. Status of actions:
      • CH: Prepare strawman Gabor lens schedule.
        • Done (almost): A new category? CH had prepared a schedule but did not have permission to upload. We disussed the schedule; CH will upload it after the meeting.
      • AK: Prepare strawman SciWire schedule.
        • Stands.Need to address construction of ribbon and organising w/s. Then use source to check response of fibre using source. Also need to look at the readout with camera. Will make schedule before Christmas break.
      • KL: Prepare strawman CDR schedule.
        • Done: See First version of CDR planning for discussion. In discussion we agreed to extend the period for the delivery of the in-vitro beam transport section by one week and the in-vitro section by two weeks.
          • JPa descined the present status of the design of the in-vitro design. Issues that need to be discussed include the number of Gabor lenses in the transport section before the 4-sector magnet bend.
  3. Parameter table update for Gabor Lens and transport: JPo, JPa
    • JPo will check radial separation between anode and cathode. Length assumed by JPa in optics calculations was for the plasma collumn. Some space had also been added for the 'dead space' between the collumn and the end of the lens. End flanges are 2.5cm each. 55cm, therefore, is the external length.
    • Extrapolation in space-charge lens 2 is done according to the Gabor-lens scaling law. Needs to be confirmed by measurement of present lens.
  4. LARA CDR skeleton: update: All
    • KL has contributed the abstract (which will, most likely, be redrafted). Also has made a start on the introduction. Still hopes to meet the goal of completing it before end December.
    • Since we have now agreed the timetable to write the rest of the document, we can expect progress in January!
  5. Next steps: All
    • Develop SciWire and SmartPhantom schedules ... then AK will maintain them and remind us of looming deadline.
  6. AoB
    • EPSCR have issued a Physics of Life call. We need to try and target it so that we can raise resource for (e.g.) the SmartPhanton.
    • We agreed to stop our meeitngs for thsi year, so, no meeting next week. We'll start up again when College opens in the New Year.

Summary of actions

  1. AK: Prepare strawman SciWire schedule.
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