LARA CDR Meeting 19th February 2019

Meeting details

14:00 GMT Room 532

Phone details:

UK: 08082 380274
Austria: 0800 006612 

PIN: 5904750902

Full list of telephone contacts may be found here.


  1. Introduction: AK
  2. Notes on last meeting and actions arising: All
  3. Progress; comparison to schedule: AK
  4. Space-charge simulation update: JPo et al.
  5. Optics design update: JPa
  6. Parameter table update for Gabor Lens and transport: KL
  7. Gabor lens recommissioning update: CH
  8. LARA CDR skeleton: update: All
  9. SmartPhantom preparation update: HTL
  10. SoI to STFC -- discussion: All
  11. AoB


Present: JPa, CH, OE, WS, HTL, JPo, AK

Apologies: KL

  1. Introduction: AK
  2. Notes on last meeting and actions arising: All
    • None.
  3. Progress; comparison to schedule: AK
    • Machining of winding rig nearly finished. Only about 3 weeks behind the original (very optimistic) schedule made in November (this is thanks to the efforts of machine shop stepping in to replace Geoff). The detector tests should still be completed by the end of March. Schedule should be updated to reflect these changes.
    Gabor lens:
    • Hold up is rad safety paperwork
    • Direct comparison with Toby will be done soon.
    • Measurements to locate hot spots will take a couple of days, so all tests should be done in a week.
    • Tests with the radiation source should take about 2 weeks.
    • OE simulation at 15MeV was run, will analyse soon.
    • JPo input file for space charge will then use input from OE's simulation. Will then update with final lattice from JPa.
    • JPa updated lattice described in SoI: 2 Gabor lenses collimation, 2 lenses then bending. Stage 2 has switching dipole with horizontal injection into FFA (horizontal or vertical FFA).
    • HT: Not heard anything about writing something on the end station.
  1. Space-charge simulation update: JPo et al.
    • As above.
  2. Optics design update: JPa
    • As above.
    • Would like to update with 15 MeV but can use 12 MeV distribution to start with.
    • Optics calculated with 12 MeV.
  3. Parameter table update for Gabor Lens and transport: KL
    • Need to confirm status with Ken.
    • JPa should update this after tracking has been completed.
  4. Gabor lens recommissioning update: CH
    • Pressure slowly coming down.
    • Been running HV on and off.
    • Certain settings can lead to a bit of arcing.
    • Currently running at 21kV.
    • Cleaned the insides a bit and this has improved the outgassing.
  5. LARA CDR skeleton: update: All
    • None.
  6. SmartPhantom preparation update: HTL
    • BDSim simulate up to the entrance of the SmartPhantom, rest with native G4
    • Created a simple simulation.
    • Need to sort out ROOT output, data structure, geometry and BDSIM/G4 interface.
    • Verify dose can be predicted using the SmartPhantom.
    • Smart Phantom testing in Nov/Dec.
    • Plan to test, maybe at Birmingham.
  7. SoI to STFC -- discussion: All
    • OE: Need to emphasise why you want to use the laser, it is inherently risky and should say why you cannot do this with a conventional source.
    • JPa: Need to say same front-end to deliver high doses and multiple ions.
    • AK: Can same target for protons deliver high dose carbon?
      • OE: same target can deliver high dose carbon. In future think about moving to gaseous targets (e.g. methane) or pure carbon foils. There are options to improve carbon yields from the standard thin foil targets.
    • OE: Need to be careful about saying this is novel, Germans (Dresden) have been doing this. Have done 10-15 MeV cell irradiation with solenoid capture. Should say Gabor lens is unique but need to show why this capture is better.
    • JPo: Much more cost effective focussing.
    • JPo: can say Dresden is not a facility (but proved the principle). We should say we want a dedicated facility.
    • OE: Laser system will be large (not compact). In the future may get more compact systems only if there is commercial interest.
    • RBE experiments at other facilities done in parallel with other R&D not a dedicated facility.
    • JPo: Will write a paragraph on advantages of the Gabor lens. Should mention instantaneous current is much higher (good for Ultra High Dose Rate therapy).
    • JPa: Need to make the following clear:
      • Why use an FFA, will deliver multiple species over broad energy range.
      • What respect this facility is novel wrt to other sources.
      • Why LARA will do RBE experiments better.
      • Need to state risks with the laser.
        • OE: shouldn't mention risks but should be aware.
    • AK: mention diagnostics and how this can be used to characterise the beam (i.e. correct for variations in the laser-driven ion beam). Cite other studies to put LARA into context.
  8. AoB

Summary of actions

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