LhARA pre-CDR Meeting 19th Nov 2019

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14:00 Room 532, Blackett Lab.

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  • Action items from last meeting.
    • JPo, CW, ZN and OE to meet to discuss details at the laser/proton capture interface.
    • AK to update the interfaces documents to clarify areas where there are overlaps in the components.
    • AK to clarify on the wiki what needs to be delivered for 29/11/19.
    • AK to ask ZN and OE to specify total footprint of the laser and shielding requirements.
    • AK to add solenoid details (from the GPT input file) to the parameter list document.
    • AK to discuss with JPas what parameters should go in the parameter table for the beam transport.
    • AK to note the instrumentation requirements for the definition of the baseline.
    • AK to add details of the steering group meetings to the wiki.
  • System updates.
    • Laser driven proton and ion source.
    • Proton and ion capture.
    • Stage 1 beam transport: Beam transport and delivery to the in vitro end station.
    • Stage 2 beam transport: Post-acceleration and beam delivery to the in vivo end station.
    • Biological end stations.
    • Infrastructure and Integration.
    • Project plan for the delivery of LhARA.
    • Safety.
    • End-to-end simulation.
    • Instrumentation.
  • A.O.B.
    • Plenary meeting talks.


Present: Galen Aymar, John Thomason, Colin Whyte, Oliver Ettlinger, Ajit Kurup

Apologies: Ken Long, Jason Parsons, Will Shields

  • Previous action items
    • CW: email exchange with ZN and OE.
      • Couple of issues that need to be investigated: vacuum (options for differential pumping) and the levels of magnetic field in the laser area.
    • AK: All complete except adding solenoid details and instrumentation requirements.
      • AK to update previous parameter table and circulate Overleaf link.
      • OE sent details on the laser footprint and asked about level of detail for the safety case.
        • JT would like to see laser safety case done for the laser at Imperial.
        • OE will send what was done for the laser in 027 (only laser safety not radiation).
  • Laser
    • AK received footprint details from OE. Main update is to add another room for the laser.
  • Proton capture - CW
    • Details on interfacing the Gabor lens being looked at. Will try for a meeting this week.
    • Parameter table
      • Geometry and voltage should define lens performance. Also need number of lenses.
      • CW is getting details from Juergen to understand better how the design requirements were arrived at.
      • Concern that the long aspect ratio of the Gabor lens may lead to longitudinal instabilities.
  • Discussion on level of detail to go in the safety case, e.g. are calculations to determine specific shielding requirements necessary.
    • Do not have effort for detailed simulations and calculations. Can just state main hazards and what control measures are needed and requirements, e.g. for shielding, can be based on experience or similar existing experiments.
  • Beam transport
    • Email update from Will:
      	1. I’ve been looking into effect of space charge as a sanity check. It has as a clear effect - nearly there with plots but something has gone wrong converting particles coords from GPT output to BDSIM so the plots don’t make any sense yet.
      	2. I tried to speak to Laurie about BDSIM developments (namely the field for the ring magnets) but he’s been ill so I haven’t had much chance.
      	3. With septum magnet / Y shaped beam pipes, given the time in which they’re needed then I suggest it would be more efficient to use GDML geometry. It’s possible dump BDSIM’s standard geometry to GDML (which is easily done) and then edit with pyg4ometry to include the extraction/injection line geometry.  As transfer lines are not yet described in any detail, I'll create python scripts for this to nail down the workflow rather than for a specific situation.
      	4. I haven’t emailed Jaroslaw yet, I will today/tomorrow to try to arrange a time to chat.
      	5. Beyond what I have from you for the GPT input file, I don’t have any files for the most recent version of the lattice, especially not BDSIM files. Is there an appropriate, practical place where we can centrally store these files with easy access for all rather than rely on sending via email? I’d suggest the server but I still don’t have login details yet.
    • AK to give server details to Will and request access to our HEP machines.
  • CAD drawings
    • JT has requested effort to do the CAD drawings for around Feb. All updates should be finalised by then.
  • End station
    • Jason sent first version of the end station floor plan including the major pieces of equipment. AK discussed this with Jason on Friday. Existing floorplan provides plenty of space for the needed equipment (doesn't currently include in vivo specific items).
  • infrastructure and Integration
    • JT: Request that details on power supplies and their location be added.
  • AOB

Request that all WPs present a short status at the plenary meeting on the 11th December.

Action Items

  • CW to arrange meeting with JPo, ZN and OE.
  • AK to add solenoid details (from the GPT input file) to the parameter list document.
  • AK to note the instrumentation requirements for the definition of the baseline.
  • AK to update previous parameter table and circulate Overleaf link.
  • OE to circulate what was done for safety case for the laser in 027.
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