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    11= LhARA Weekly Meeting 7^th^ July 2020; 14:00 BST =
    3 == Connection details ==
     3== Notes ==
    5 Please join the ZOOM conference: ****
     51. [wiki: Notes of previous meetings] and actions:
     6 * **KL**: Create draft response to referees.
     7  * **Stands.**
     8 * **KL/WS**: to exchange emails with AK re "restart" of experiment and simulation meetings.
     9  * **Stands.**
     112. Status of pre-CDR publication: **KL** \\
     12 //Need to: //
     13 * **KL**: Will ask the journal re status of the paper.
     14 * Need to develop a short news item to go along with the publication of the paper.  KL asked for a volunteer.
     163. Preparation of response to referees: **KL, ALL**
     17 * Next week.
     194. Updates:
     20 - Capture section: **CW**
     21  - CW summarised the design update presented at last week's meeting.  Work on the preparation of the proposal continues.
     22  - The meeting now includes discussion of the preparation of the paper on the test-beam exposure of teh Gabor-lens prototype.
     23 - Simulation:
     24  - Particle production at laser target: **HTL**
     25   - HTL has found convergence in the variation of the number of particles per cell and has now moved to studying convergence as a function of cell size.  Some effects still being investigated.
     26   - HTL is working to remove reflection effects in which a second interaction of the laser occurs some time after the first thus distorting the particle distribution.
     27  - Gabor lens simulation: **TSD**
     28   - Simulation is run for to simulate the evolution of the electron plasma over a period of 10ns, this takes a long time to execute.
     29   - Goal is to extend the time duration that is simulated.  To do this TSD has revised the implementation of the geometry in order to simplify the description.  Hope is that this will allow the evolution of the plasma over several  micro seconds to be simulated.
     30   - TSD is also setting up a simulation for the prototype lens used in tests.  Comparison can then be made with measurments.
     31   - We agreed that the coils simulated in detail.
     32 - Any other simulation
     33  - WS is trying to install OPAL to aid with study of space-charge effect.  Issue is that there is no windows version, so will use Linux.  WS is working with S.Fayer to get the set up done.  C.Rogers willing to help in consultant roll. 
     34  - JPa: OPAL is a cyclotron code and is rather optimum for cyclotron-like short bunches.  So, could be good in transfer line.  May not be so good for FFA where bunches are longer.
     365. Status of preparation of Expression of Interest for the [ EPSRC Transformative Healthcare Technologies call]: **KL, ALL** \\
     37 Progress:
     38  - STFC; discussion initiated.
     39  - Need to look for additional PPI contacts, e.g. in Liverpool and elsewhere in the consortium.
     40 * Update
     41 //Need for: \\
     42 * New "institute collage" for talks and publicity;
     43 * Logo(!).
     456. Conference contributions: **All**
     46 * ICHEP -- Parallel session contributon; see
     487. Next steps: **All**
     508. AOB
    754== Agenda ==