LhARA fortnightly Meeting 11th may 2021; 14:00 BST


  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions
    • Status of actions:
      • None recorded.

1.a. Introduction KL

  1. Radiobiology programme and articulation of LhARA USPs: J. Parsons, A. Giacca
    • No update this week. Conversation between JPar and AG to see how to take this forward.
  1. Progress on simulation of source and re-optimisation of Stage I beam line: H.T. Lau
    • Simulation is based on 2D PIC code, SMILEI. TG asks whether there is a chance to get a 3D simulation. RB suggests that it is hard to find a 3D code that can do the calculations required. EB suggested means by which the code simulations can be done in 3D. Agree to follow up between HTL and EB to see whether the 3D simulation can be viable.
  1. Status and progress in key LhARA development themes:
    1 Evaluation of the benefits of the initiative & optimisation of the R&D programme: S. Green, P. Price
    • Call it White Paper, going forward. Goal for document is the scope for programme and scientific justification. Justification for research programme from science and impact agendas.
    • Consider section on patient need and review of whether this can be delivered in other ways.
    2 Development of next steps in LhARA accelerator R&D programme: C. Whyte, J. Pasternak
    • No update beyond HT's summary this week.
    3 Proton- and ion-acoustic imaging: J. Bamber, P. Beard
    • Simulation has progressed to first assessment of acoustic signal in SmartPhantom.
    4 Outline Conceptual Design Report for the PoP biological-assessment facility: R. McLauchlan, T. Price
    • No update this week.
  1. IPAC contributions:
    • Progress in particle-production simulation: HTL
      • Draft poster has been prepared; need now to record presentation for upload on Friday.
    • Second Beam Test and Numerical Investigation of the Imperial College Plasma (Gabor) Lens Prototype: TSD
      • Draft posted is ready and has made a first recording of the presentation done to.
    • Simulation of Stage I beam line: WS
      • Model in BDSIM created; comparison with MADX. Model in GPT is not yet working. Some issues with intermittent connection to server.
    • Progress on FFA: JPA
      • JPA unable to attend this meeting; preparation of poster is in progress.
  1. LhARA discussion meeting: KL/All
  1. DoNM :
    • 25May21; 14:00 BST

  1. AOB
    • XX 2021: Meeting at RAL/Online: Future accelerators for biomedical applications -- update; KL
      • Meeting now been postponed to autumn.
    • WGJ: can there be a simplified model to study 2D-3D transition for plasma. EB discussed whether this is possible; her impression is that this is complicated.

Reminder of summary/outreach documents:

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