LhARA fortnightly Meeting 20th July 2021; 14:00 BST


  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions
    • Status of actions:
      • None recorded.
  1. News: KL/All
  1. Preparation of LhARA proposal:
    • Overview: K. Long
    • Project Management: J. Parsons, C. Whyte
    • Laser-driven source: N. Dover, R. Gray
    • Ion capture: M. Charlton, W. Bartsche
    • Dose-deposition profiling: J. Bamber, J. Mattheson
    • Vertical beam line and biological end station development: R. McLauchlan, T. Price,
    • Accelerator design and integration: J. Pasternak
  1. Status and progress in key LhARA development themes:
    1 Radiobiology programme and articulation of LhARA USPs: J. Parsons, A. Giacca
    2 Evaluation of the benefits of the initiative & optimisation of the R&D programme: S. Green, P. Price
  1. DoNM :
    • 03Aug21

  1. AOB

Reminder of summary/outreach documents:

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