LhARA Executive Board 09Mar22; 10:00 GMT



  1. Notes and actions: All
    • Status of actions:
      • KL: Propose to the collaboration that the collaboration meeting will be held in mixed mode at RAL and solicit comments;
        • Done. Now planning for meeting at RAL/ZOOM
      • KL: Book conference room and pre-book accommodation for the 27Apr22. -Done. Now need to set up registration page and block agenda.
  1. LhARA and the ITRF: alignment discussion progress: KL/AG/CW/All
  1. Status of preparation of the proposal and discussion: All
  1. EPSRC call: consider making a pitch? -- KL/All
  1. Planning for collaboration meeting, 27Apr22, and peer-group event, 28Apr22
  1. DONM
  1. AoB

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