LhARA Executive Board 27May22; 15:00 BST

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  1. Update on proposal: KL/CW/All
  • Brief summary of proposal:
    • Document complete and out for final comments.
    • Agreement with STFC on budget: from £2M anticipated from Infrastructure Fund, ~£1.5M has been allocated to ITRF WP1 (LhARA) and ~£0.33M allocated to DL/TD contributions to LhARA conventional facilities and costing.
    • Working methods document is being finalised. Now need to work on allocations to LhARA WPs so that we can write a codicil to the "Working Methods" document that defines what will be delivered for the resource coming through the ITRF line.
  1. Budget discussion: KL/CW/All
  • CW presented a summary of discussion of how to distribute the £1.5M allocated ti ITRF WP1. A broad agreement on how the money should allocated was arrived at:
    • Allocate resource to address key risks in the project. We reviewed the risk register and noted the critical risks in the various WPs.
    • We noted that:
      • The ion-acoustic dose-profile measurement is critical to the programme, i.e. there is risk to the LhARA programme if it is not made to work; and
      • The application of the ion-acoustic technique is sufficiently broad that there is opportunity to raise resource for this activity from sources outside the ITRF envelope;
      • The beam line instrumentation and diagnostics presented in WP5 also have broad application and therefore, as in the case of WP4, there is opportunity to raise resource for these activities from outside the ITRF envelope.
      • The present request for WP2 amounts to half the available resource.
      • The end station design/user engagement component of WP5 should be preserved
  • We were clear that the LhARA collaboration would work with and support bids for resources to allow the full programme defined in the proposal to be carried out.
  • We agreed that KL and CW proceed on the following basis:
    • Allocations must be in line with the project risk register;
    • Resources must be retained to ensure LhARA Project Manager has sufficient time to carry out his role;
    • The opportunity for additional resource to be raised to support WP4 from outside the programme be factored into the WP4 allocation.
  • KL and CW will work to develop the details of the allocations with the work-package managers.
  1. Review of what we agreed: All
  • Noted above.

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