LhARA Institute Board meeting #2

25th January 2022 11:00 BST


  1. Introduction; minutes and actions from last meeting TG/YP
    • Status of actions:
  • KL: Reach out to K. Gleeson re presentation to Maggies Centres and add IC Academic H/science centre to seminar target list
    • Done See KL's report.
  1. Adoption of agenda: All
  1. Report from the co-spokespeople: AG/KL
  1. Status of development of proposal
    • Preliminary and pre-construction programme development: CW
    • Stakeholders’ plan development: JPar
  1. Propose for next LhARA CM: AG/KL
  1. Outreach and engagement plan for 2022, update: AG/KL
  1. DONM
  1. AoB

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