LhARA Institute Board meeting #5

4th October 2022 11:00 BST


Introduction (TG, YP):

First IB meeting after receipt of funding for LhARA as part of the ITRF.

Minutes and actions from last meeting (TG, YP)

Wiki access now sorted out (DK, KL).
Brief minutes of last meeting on wiki (TG, YP).
Some comments on MoU (All) - see below.
Three signatures on letter of support (All).

Adoption of agenda (All)

No additions.

Report from the co-spokespeople (KL)

Covered were:

LhARA and ITRF plans

  • Kick-off meeting at Daresbury.
  • LhARA budget.
  • LhARA proposal: 5 year plan finalised.
  • Identification of proposal elements that can be tackled as part of the ITRF "preliminary activity".
  • Note that element of ITRF WP2 (£0.3M) is LhARA facilities.
  • To avoid (further) staff cuts in WP6, STFC has allowed additional £28k spend.
  • Central JeS (Imperial) submission imminent, then can submit institutional forms.
  • Project start date of 1/10/22 will survive this slight delay.

International review

Started 30/8/22, address competence of the team etc.
Next session 26, 27 October.
Panel expressed need to articulate the radio-biology programme more clearly.


Comments suggested that we look at:

  • IP and confidentiality
  • Adding diagram to explain governance structure
  • Adding statement on EDI issues
  • Adding statment on sustainability
  • New draft will be produced (TG, YP) for discussion at next IB meeting.

LhARA/ITRF press release (TG, YP)

Circulated again after announcement of funding.
Coordinate release with Hywel Owen (KL)


Mailing lists need revision (KL)


14/10/22 LhARA Collaboration meeting in Liverpool.
Indico available - please register!
Tick boxes will be added to indicate attendance in person and preferred dinner date (KL).

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