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The LhARA Work Package Managers (WPM) group was formed to prepare the first significant proposal prepared by the LhARA collaboration over the summer of 2021. The WPM group plays a role analogous to that of the Technical Board in a typical large collaboration.

Representation: the membership of the Work Package Managers Group may be found here.

Communication: send an email to all WPMs using the following mailing list on the Imperial mail server ( ccap-lhara-wpm@…



Proposal; status and development

Latest version in Overleaf

WPM Document Library


15Oct21: Templates for work package cost sheet and risk register:

  • Cost sheet template (XLSX)
  • Risk register template (XLSX)
  • Project Plan (mpp)

09Sep21: Skeleton update (PDF, WORD): Added second lead for WP6; minor update to heading in A-7
09Sep21: Skeleton (PDF, WORD): first version

Timeline for preparation

  • 13Sep21: Definition of scope overall and by work package
  • 05Nov21: Initial drafts of text for scientific proposal and management annex
  • 01Dec21: "Ink drying"; i.e. proposal complete

STFC Project Management framework

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