LhARA end station R&D and vertical beam line development meeting : 21Sep21; xx:00 BST


2 year objectives:

  1. Consultation with ‘users’. TP ran an earlier consultation – results from this should be fed into this consultation. We note that there will be differing requirements for different users, for example.
    1. Jason P set up could be relatively simple but could need additional infrastructure for hypoxia among other requirements
    2. RFI – objectives here are much more complex and require significant infrastructure investment.
  2. Systems engineering – basic reality check – layout - see previous Neil Bliss input to WP6
  3. ‘Small’ investment in BU beamtime. Can we provide money for access costs for Birmingham and use this to attract other diagnostics groups. ~£1k/day – 20-25 days over 2 years? Set up days can be zero cost to user if appropriately scheduled.

5 year objectives:

Instrumentation of a ‘low energy’ system fit for use. Requires beam monitoring on beamline and immediately before test station. Diagnostics should include:

  1. Current pick ups
  2. CarstenW gas system
  3. Post Doc plus PhD?
  4. Needs expt
  5. Sci Wire – JM RAL
  6. TPrice larger 2D system
  7. Outcomes from yr1-2 task3

Additional notes:

  • TP notes Ionisation chamber will not work – NPL input confirms this.
  • TP discuss with Stuart Green ‘other groups with money’ potential to collate numerous smaller money pots to provide sufficient funds for end station work.
  • JP if it were possible to get Birmingham vertical beam line up and running relatively quickly, we could use Birmingham as a test bed for LhARA, this would allow tests at a mock-up an end station. In terms of diagnostics testing the vertical beam line is not required.

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