Gabor Lens meeting: 17Sep20; 16:00 BST

Present: CW, HT, TN



  • Since last meeting have been working mainly on updates to the text – will bring updates to next meeting.
  • Received feedback and references to useful papers from BB - very strong focussing field from very thin plasma lenses. Relevant to Gabor lens project.
  • Some communication with TD sims - agree with some of the results – ongoing.



  • update on Sims – cell size vs PPC – some indication lower PPC requires smaller cell sizes.
  • results for discussion with Martin King
    • priority to discuss benchmarking
    • Action on HT to search recent M. King papers, circulate and post on Wiki.


  • Sent apologies – attending VSIM seminar in progress.


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: CW/All
    • KL Get CW a wiki account
    • HT To prepare slides for Martin King – ready for review next week
      • Done
    • TD To find paper cited in ERC proposal on tape drive - post on Wiki with relevant referenced papers.
      • Done. Paper here. Tape thickness > 5 um for reliable shots.
  1. Progress on beam experiments paper: TN

  1. Updates on the particle generation: HT
  1. AOB: All

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