Gabor Lens meeting: 19MAY2022; 16:00 BST



  1. No actions
  1. CB updated on VSim evaluation using Supercomputing Wales & Swansea HPC resources.
  1. CB brief update on electron cloud expansion and RW influence upon cloud.

4a. Most comments for design update paper evaluated. Further comments still accepted.
4b. Very positive discussion had yesterday between SE,MC,CB with Swansea FSE leadership. Broader discussion of institutional benefits followed. Swansea in good position to begin formal approval process once JeS is available.

  1. BB reports disruptive technologies workshop got the attention of many 3rd-parties. Broad discussion followed, including CERN-based activities.

Summary of actions:

  • CB to await comments from BB for design update paper.
  • CW to discuss JeS timing with KL.


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. Simulation update: TD
  1. Swansea Experiment update: CB
  1. Proposal and design update paper: CB
  1. AOB: All

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