Gabor Lens meeting: 21JUL2022; 16:00 BST

Present: CB(Chair), KL, TD, BB, EB
Apologies: MC


1 - Admin. tasks discussed.

2 - Data analysed & plots produced (see EB presentation of Tuesday). Beamline simulations show shift to positive transverse (px, py) values at exit, likely due to input. Work ongoing.

3a - Dose deposition subtleties & interfaces discussed.
3b - Possible plasma experiments for the PM-trap briefly discussed, with APS DPP attendance useful here.
3c - Discussion of adverse affects due to particle losses, rough calculations likely useful.

DoNM: 4 Aug 2022

Summary of actions:



  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. Solenoid Update: TD
  1. AOB: All

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