Gabor Lens meeting: 10NOV2022; 16:00 BST

Present: CB(chair), KL, CW, MC, SE, RH, BB, TD, EB


1a. Previous actions

  1. Design discussion set for next Tuesday 15th NOV 2022 at 11am:

  1. CB discussed with SE. In progress.
  2. Report done - OK.
  3. In progress.

Update: Capture mailing list currently hosted by Imperial, to be moved to JISCMAIL to match other lists.
2a. Continued (& rapid) progress being made through Daresbury Lab admin.
2b. Standard Grant rules apply, expect no cost extension possible for > Oct 2024

3a. TD update of solenoid vs. Gabor lens energy selection capability. At 15 MeV both very similar for protons, but small discrepancy at higher (e.g. 250 MeV) energy. Ions likely similar (or better) due to lower relativistic-gamma factor.

4a. See previous action 1.
4b. See previous action 2.
4c. Ulrich Schramm visiting RAL to talk on 8th December to present the work being done in Dresden. He is head of radiation physics and was responsible for building a similar system to LhARA except using solenoids and a higher intensity laser. BB to email.

DoNM: 17NOV22

Summary of actions:

  1. KL, CW clarify extension details
  2. BB to email regarding Ulrich Schramm visist


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. ITRF update: CB
  1. Research update:All
  1. Upcoming Meetings: CB
  1. AOB: All

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