Gabor Lens meeting: 19JAN2023; 16:00 GMT

Present: CB(Chair), MC, CW, SE, RH, TSD
Apologies: KL, BB, EB


1a. Repeat previous 12JAN23 meeting due to email communication issues.
1b. WP3 IAB response v1.1

DoNM: 26JAN23

Summary of actions:

All - Please review WP3 IAB response v1.1 & email comments to CB by Tuesday 24Jan2023 AM.
All - Please review IOP 49th Annual Plasma conference abstract v1 & email comments to CB by Tuesday 24Jan2023 AM


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. ITRF update: CB
  1. IAB review update: CB
  1. Research update: All
  1. Upcoming Meetings: CB
  1. AOB: All

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