LhARA ionacoustic dose profiling meeting: 07Jul21; 09:00 BST


  1. Introduction, notes and actions of previous meeting: KL/All
  1. Preparation of proposal; scope etc. : All
    • In outline, the result of the discussion was:
      • Proposal structure: Two + three years; first to in parallel to Preliminary Activity;
      • Goal for first two years: Proof-of-principle of dose-profile measurement in vitro;
      • Goal for subsequent three years: First prototype of LhARA in-vitro dose-profiling system
  1. Next steps--discussion: All
    • I noted:
      • Need to set up meeting with Colin [action KL]
      • Need to recontact S. Gilardone at CERN [action KL]
  1. AOB: All

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