LhARA ionacoustic dose profiling meeting: 14Jul21; 09:00 BST


  1. Introduction, notes and actions of previous meeting: KL/All
    • KL Set up meeting with Colin Whyte
      • Stands
    • KL: Recontact S. Gilardone at CERN
      • Done.. Outcome circulated by email:
        S.Gilardoni (CERN) is ready to help us find a suitable beam line. He needs a short (1-2 page) summary of our requirements. Need to define beam energy, time structure, space/service requirements. Request is that we make a sketch of the proof-of-principle set up at the footprint and services level.
  1. Progress updates : All
    • No updates this week.
  1. One/two pager beam-specification for CERN : All
    • We discussed the issues that need to be addressed to make the 2-pager to specify the beam. The issue is that there are many variables that can be played off against each other.
    • We agreed a couple of actions to get us going:
      • JG: Summarise state of the art in literature to get a baseline for what our proof-of-principle system needs to do
      • KL/AMRL: Agree beam parameters for simulation and generate relevant beams for input to the acoustic simulation
      • KL/AMRL: Obtain from HTL the Bragg-peak calculator, test and send to JG.
  1. Next steps--discussion: All
  1. AOB: All

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