LhARA ionacoustic dose profiling meeting: 20Jan22; 10:30 GMT



  1. Updates on photoacoustic imaging project: EG
  1. Discussion of simulation pipeline optimisations: HT
  1. Discussion on end of year funding: JM
  1. Discussion of proposal and next steps: All
  1. AOB: All


Full Meeting Notes


  • Participants: JB, BC, EG, EH, HT, KL, JM
  • Status updates
    • Clash with the WP managers' meeting, to be re-timetabled.
    • Plan to combine 3 stages of processing in simulation pipeline into a single script. - HT
      • Discussion of labelling of power spectrum.
      • Observance of odd behaviour in depth plots of old datasets.
    • Picking up work regarding deep learning for photoacoustic imaging. - EG
      • Executing simulations with the aim of comparing image reconstruction between iterative and deep learning methods.
      • Promising results for deep learning and aim to move forward with more realistic data.
      • BC suggested looking at IPASC.
      • KL suggested BC make contact with WL at IC.
    • Discussion on how to spend money in case of end-of-year funding - JM
      • A single transducer demo could be a place to start.
      • KL suggested progressing with a first setup with scintillating fibre planes and ultrasonic transducer in a water phantom.
    • First iteration of the Ion Acoustic Dose Mapping section of the proposal to be drafted. - JB
  • Actions
    • JM and JB to get prices for kit in case of end of year funds.
    • JB to write first draft of proposal section.
    • BC to talk with EG and WL.

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