SmartPhantom meetings: Wednesday 11th December 2019; 11:00 GMT

Meeting details

Venue: 1105 Blackett Laboratory. Videoconference using the Vidyo system.

Connection details:

Please join the VIDYO meeting by clicking this link:


  1. Notes and actions from last meeting:
    • KL: Liaise to develop concept for polishing.
    • KL/LC: Visit C.Lockett and to confirm potting arrangements.
    • KL/LC: Check that drawing pack on the WWW is up to date.
  1. Mechanical design/manufacture update: LC
  1. Single-fibre/fibre-bundle test setup: HTL
  1. Schedule revision discussion: All
  1. Spend: outstanding requirement: All
    Outstanding items:
    • Cameras;
    • Cf for the full SmartPhantom. We have enough for the prototype.
    • May also need extra fibre since we've decided to build the pig-tail.
  1. Next steps: All

  1. DONM
    Wed. 18Dec19.

  1. AoB

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