SmartPhantom meetings: Wednesday 8th January 2020; 11:30 GMT

Meeting details

Venue: 1105 Blackett Laboratory. Videoconference using the Vidyo system.

Connection details:

Please join the VIDYO meeting by clicking this link:


  1. Notes and actions from last meeting:
    • KL: Liaise to develop concept for polishing.
      • Stands.
  1. Mechanical design/manufacture update: LC
    LC advises that there needs to be an improved transportation plan. Some fibres were damaged in the potting. However, the pig-tail has now been potted and can be collected from RAL.

HTL has produce a first clear-fibre light guide.

C/f machining will now be coordinated through Trevor Savidge. Hope to move this along as it is the holding item for progress now that first light-guide has been produced by HTL.

  1. Single-fibre/fibre-bundle test setup: HTL
    Pig tail will be returned from RAL to Imperial so that work on it can start next week. Will require polishing and then check of light production. Antonin has offered to measure the light production using his spectrophotometer.
  1. Schedule revision discussion: All
    No update.
  1. Spend: outstanding requirement: All
    No update.
  1. Next steps: All
    Return pig tail to Imperial and begin tests. In parallel need to make advance manufacture of frames.

  1. DONM
    Wed. 15Jan20.

  1. AoB

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