Design and Integration meeting: 10 Jan 2023 15:00 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.


Actions Description Status
22-11-08-04 Will Shields to explore the capability of GPT Optimisation programme (GDFSOLVE) In progress
22-11-22-03 Will Shields to identify a list of anomalies, missing components or errors spotted in the draft Device naming Convention. In progress
22-11-29-01 Elisabetta Boella to provide a new 3D particle distribution from the source. Complete
22-12-06-04 Chris Baker to provide a CAD model of the Gabor Lens test bench In progress
22-12-06-05 Clive Hill to import the CAD model into Creo to provide a better image of the Gabor Lenses. Waiting for CAD model


Present: Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Will Shields, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Neil Bliss, Hywel Owen

  • KL asked AK to run future meetings.
  • Actions from previous meeting.
    • Particle distribution from Elisabetta.
      • JP: proton distribution sent to Titus who has made a small sample of this which will be analysed. No info on electrons yet.
      • AK: in the past Ollie and Zulfikar have said not much info on electrons possible from simulations.
        • KL and JP: Elisabetta can provide some info re this.
    • CAD model from Chris Baker.
      • CW: Swansea will be getting someone in ~6 months.
    • CW has organised a meeting on 13th Jan to discuss the nozzle.
  • Slides from JP.
    • Distribution is for SCAPA. Protons from 2 MeV up to ~25 MeV.
    • discussion re why y distribution shows step function and has a dip in the middle. This needs to be understood.
    • Tracking simulations to exit of the nozzle.
      • Beta and alpha is different by order of magnitude.
      • Phase space distributions are similar since it is primarily defined by the nozzle geometry and nozzle distance from the target.
  • Slides from WS.
    • Solenoid strength optimisation.
    • No solution to give original beam size (using MADX) if max strength is limited to 1.4T.
    • JP: Need to optimise for beta and alpha at the exit of the 3rd Gabor lens.
  • AOB
    • JP: Need to prepare a presentation for WP managers meeting next week.
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