Design and Integration meeting: 31 Jan 2023 15:00 GMT



  • Actions from last meeting.
  • Simulations.
  • AOB


Actions Description Status
22-11-08-04 Will Shields to explore the capability of GPT Optimisation programme (GDFSOLVE) In progress
22-11-22-03 Will Shields to identify a list of anomalies, missing components or errors spotted in the draft Device naming Convention. In progress
22-12-06-04 Chris Baker to provide a CAD model of the Gabor Lens test bench In progress
22-12-06-05 Clive Hill to import the CAD model into Creo to provide a better image of the Gabor Lenses. Waiting for CAD model
23-01-17-01 Ajit Kurup to contact Scott Lawrie to learn about Astra. Open
23-01-17-02 Ajit Kurup to get Dockerfiles for BDsim from Will. In progress
23-01-17-03 Ajit Kurup to investigate options for storing data somewhere easily accessible for the collaboration. In progress
23-01-24-01 All to prepare document for the milestone to update the baseline Open
23-01-31-01 Jaroslaw Pasternak to ask Titus to generate a new sample of the SCAPA distribution with a larger energy spread. Open


Present: Neil Bliss, Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Jaroslaw Pasternak, Will Shields, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Hywel Owen

  • Actions
    • NB: Update on the CAD model. Chris is having issues with his CAD software. Agreed that it is best to rebuild the model in Creo and will progress this after the collab meeting.
    • AK: Tried looking at the using sharepoint to store data file but had an issue logging in. Might have been an intermittent issue, will try again.
    • Preparation of the document to update the baseline.
      • KL: Can capture some of the smaller changes to the baseline in the document and leave the significant changes until the performance has been demonstrated.
      • Discussion.
      • Agreed to present progress in the presentation at the collaboration meeting and then write a document outlining the proposed change to the baseline within a month and then do detailed simulations to be presented at a future collaboration meeting.
  • See slides from Will.
    • Optimisations with the 5 Gabor lens update and the new 7 gabor lens option.
    • JP: Looks promising. Need to check performance of the collimator and track the beam up to end station.
      • WS: Input beam is already cut at 15 MeV +/- 2%. So need a wider spectrum to investigate the collimator.
      • JP to ask Titus to generate a new sample.
      • Update on the vacuum aperture.
        • CW: Updating the nozzle dimensions requires CAD details of the Gabor lens. As Chris is having issues with his CAD software this will be done after the CAD model is rebuilt in Creo.
    • The increase in length of the beam line going from the 5 gabor lens solution to the 7 gabor lens lattice is 5.214m.
  • Preparation for collab meeting.
    • WS to give practice talk at the WP6 meeting next week.
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