Design and Integration meeting: 30 January 2024 15:00 GMT



  • Simulations.
  • Engineering.
  • AOB


  • Simulations
    • RF Cavity.
      • CH will try to contact the engineer at RAL for the CAD drawings of the FETS-FFA cavity.
    • JP: Looking at correctors.
    • Magnet - TJK
      • Gap height has been reduced by Shinji.
      • Looking at reducing power requirement.
  • Engineering - CH
    • Slides from Iker on trim coil cooling simulations and design.
    • Update on the layout of the injection line.
      • Next step is to include diagnostics and corrector magnets.
  • AOB
    • Milestone 6 - 28th March 204
      • KL: Colin wants to know how to break up the work.
      • Diagnostics.
        • JP will write a page or two giving requirements and options for technologies.
      • Controls and feedback.
        • AK can write a spec document.

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