Design and Integration meeting: 12 March 2024 15:00 GMT



  • Simulations.
  • Engineering.
  • AOB



Present: Andy Goulden, Clive Hill, Mark Johnson, Ta-Jen Kuo, Ajit Kurup, Ken Long, Hywel Owen, Will Shields, Colin Whyte
Apologies: Jaroslaw Pasternak, Matt Pereira, Rehanah Razak,

  • Simulation
    • WS: issue with GPT being investigated
    • KL discussed creating a common source input file.
      • Based on Maria's mathematical description of the laser driven ion source.
    • Slides from Enzo
      • Looking at integrated B field
      • Simulation with the field clamp.
  • Engineering
    • CH - Modelling the magnet yoke with the trim coils using details from Enzo.
      • First iteration shows some areas where the injection line overlaps with the magnet yokes
      • TJK: Should note the magnet spiral should be flipped as the FETS FFA beam goes clockwise whereas LhARA beam goes counter-clockwise.
  • Milestone report
    • 6 sections at Daresbury
    • RF section from Ajit to be added.
  • AOB
    • WS: slide circulated to add achievements of WP6 to highlight progress. Requires input from others.
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