Gabor Lens meeting: 28SEPT2023; 16:00 BST

Present: CB(Chair), LZ, AI, CW, BB
Apologies: MC


1a. Welcome to Liang.

1b. Congratulations to all for successful CM4.

1c. Previous Actions (14Sept2023) : Link

  • 1. Carried forward (see action 1)
  • 2. Done.
  • 3. Done.

1d. Thanks to Neil Bliss for all his efforts.

2a. Teaching timetables published. Alternative timeslot to be found.

2b. 65th APS DPP 30 Oct - 3Nov (Denver, Colorado) Link
CB Discussing with APS regarding presenter being changed to BB

2c. Advancing Radiobiology Technology 24 Oct 2023 (London)Link
WP3 attendance requested.

3a. Forward progress in PDRA appointment, imminent start expected (AI reports Tues 3rd Nov).

4a. No update.

5a. None.

DoNM: 12OCT2023

Summary of actions:

  1. CB to email PIs for PA2 discussion early next week.
  2. All Swansea-Strathclyde reciprocal visits to be considered/arranged in not-to-distant future.
  3. CB/WB to complete WP3 contribution to 12 month Overleaf ASAP.
  4. PIs/WPMs to update PA1 milestones ASAP.
  5. CB to email IOP ART link. All requested to inform CB/WB if attending.


  1. Introduction, notes and actions: Chair/All
  1. Upcoming Meetings: CB
  1. Grant & resource updates: CB/PIs
  1. Research update: All
  1. AOB: All

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