LhARA Executive Board 08Mar23; 15:00 GMT

Present: KL, CJ, CW, TG, JPar, YP, PP


  1. Notes and actions: All Status of actions:
  • None recorded.
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
    To include WP0 meeting, feedback and discussion.
    • Response to review document is now complete. Will be posted and sent to reviewwers.
    • ITRF 6-month review now being organised. Some persons with teaching conflicts, but, being worked out. WP6 has a deliverable (lattice update) which has not yet been met. Document being prepared will be a 6-month report on progress.
    • Decided to review collaboration meetings and dates to make sure that deadlines are set to realistic dates.
    • Target/1st Gabor lens interface being looked at; its a critical interface. Also, work on the infrastructure building on the work done in advance of the ITRF approval.
  1. LhARA IB report: TG, YP
    The last meeting in Brm. The IB received reports from KL and CW. The focus of the meeting was the need to search for additional resource. Options being considered include: the STFC accelerator consortia call; the MRC MDPR call.

YP noted that she had one travel money from CNRS. The IB discussed the concept of generating a seminar or science-meeting series etc. at CNRS.

  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP We noted BB, KP now in post as co-chairs. First task is the identification of a speaker for the SPIE meeting in Prague. This is in hand with BB.
  1. Update on response to external review of proposal (standing item until complete); KL, CW, All
    • Agreed; am appropriate chair was discussed. Agreed to proceed among for the 4th quarter.
  1. Preparing for the ITRF 6-month review; All
    • CW:
      • CW and HO had discussed the back-up synchrotron option, and noted that its cost may be an issue.
      • The LhARA specification includes the delivery of an arbitrarty time sctructure and "pump/probe" capability. The different time structure of the FFA and the synchtrotron; 10 Hz compared to 1 Hzwas discussed. The present study within ITRF WP3 is for a full replacement of LhARA. CW pointed out that K.Kirkby is of the view that 90% of the desired science can be done with a synchrotron.
      • Imperative for LhARA is to explain bioligical programme.
      • We the need to work towards a solution for a He source.
  1. MRC call: : AG, JPl
    • 2 weeks away; plan for outline application is being developed. Preliminary draft by the end of the week. KP is on it. Main thrust: conventional vs novel comparison.
  1. DONM
    22Mar23; 16:00 GMT
  1. AoB

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