LhARA Executive Board 28Jun23; 16:00 BST

Present: KL, AG, JPa, CJ, TG, RB, JPa


  1. Notes and actions: All Status of actions:
    • KL, TG: Push on contacting institute PIs re signing MoU and consulting re positioning in next proposal.
      • Ongoing. IB ...
    • KL, TG: Push on organisation of IoP meeting.
      • Ongoing.
    • RB, KP: Circulate ToR for SB for comment to the EB.
      • Almost done.
  1. LhARA Project progress report: CW
  1. LhARA SB report: BB, KP
    • ToR to be circulated; conferences being accumulated. Key people to be identified. Members of SB being recruited.
  1. UKRI cross research council responsive mode pilot scheme: round 1
    • EB sponsored;
    • Gabor lens ...
    • Spheroid irradiation observed with IR FBIR
  1. Bid for continuation discussion, next steps, position
    • Moonshot; summary
    • Continuation:
      • My black
        • CJ:
          • Wave 5 ... what do we do ...
          • TD engagement
          • Assume a ramp
          • Return along the way
        • TJ
          • ... bridging funds a disaster; need to build up programme
        • AG:
          • Support
          • Inernational collaborators, especially CERN
          • May be forced to submit something
        • RB:
          • Others working on ions at EPAC competition -- protons/ioins, Gabor lens, international partners (e.g. Dresden) IC, Strath, QUB,
        • PP:
          • Matched funding from elsewhere

-- Iain for slides and debrief -- email them and see if we can learn from him.

  • Propaganda slide; just to pitch; student
  • Slide from Maria and Yu
  • Try and do it this week ...
  • CRUK fellowship?
  • Charlotte ... industry at imperial
  1. Documenting vision for biological science programme
    • To be continued.
  1. Collaboration and consultation meeting dates:// KL
    • Next collaboration meetings: 20Sep23; Glasgow
  1. DONM
    12Jul23; 16:00 BST
  1. AoB

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