LhARA Executive Board 30Mar24; 16:00 GMT


  1. Notes and actions: All
    Status of actions:
    • KL: Support Draft email to H. Burgess: Done
  1. LhARA/ITRF PA2 bridging activity: KL, CW, AG / All
    • CW presented present analysis of bridging budget in a 2+1 year model. Model was derived on agreement agreed last time, i.e.:
      • 3 year birding-period plan;
      • Prioritise PoP experiment, and risk mitigation, i.e. source, capture and FFA.
    • Agree to call WP
  1. LhARA/ITRF PA1 progress report: CW
    • 18 month report; make some notes by WP
  1. Collaboration/18-month review meeting dates: All
  1. Conferences and publications; SB report: RB, KP, All
    • Need to update the www site.
    • MRC vs EPSRC -- some money approach 'em; fit of the project
    • Pages for WWW on status of the art and who does what.
    • Lasers for science ... identifying organic chemicals that are markers for cancer.
  1. Collaboration/18-month review meeting dates: ALl
    • 25/26Apr24; ICL, ICR, London
    • 01-02 Sep24, Belfast
  1. DONM
  1. AoB
    • None.

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