LhARA & LMU second meeting: 23Feb23; 14:30 GMT



  1. Introduction: KL
  1. LION beamline simulation update: MM
  1. Scintillating fibre planes: JMcG
  1. Liquid scintillator: JMcG (on behalf of Peter Hobson)
  1. Next steps: All
  1. AOB: All


  1. Simulation outcomes are very close to the expected results
  1. Some things are still missing from the simulation (see below)
  1. Scintillating fibre planes cause a lot of problems in both construction and influence of the acoustic signal
  1. The use of a liquid scintillator seems like the best approach

Next Steps:

  1. Simulate the exit window in BDSIM
  1. Simulate the air and Kapton foil in k-Wave
  1. Simulate a collimator in BDSIM, placed at the end of the beamline but before the exit window
  1. Compare with experimental results
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