LhARA & LMU third meeting: 05Oct23; 10:30 GMT



  1. Introduction: Ken Long
  1. Current status (simulations & experiments): Maria Maxouti
  1. Matrix & linear array transducers: Jeff Bamber
  1. Liquid scintillator: Peter Hobson
  1. SmartPhantom design: Oliver Jeremy
  1. AOB: All


  1. A long elongated tube will cause the (unwanted) dispersion of the beam: we might need to re-design the phantom
  1. For the experiment, we should keep in mind that we might get a 12-17 MeV beam, to 20 MeV
  1. Shall we plan an experiment where we have the SciFi stations in front of the phantom and not inside?
  1. Electron noise should be investigated further - very interesting results
  1. The matrix and linear arrays are in the frequency range of detectable signals
  1. Coupling them on the side of the phantom might cause poor reconstruction. The gel cannot couple all interfaces (water-kapton-air)
  1. Can we immerse the matrix & linear array in the water?
  1. Pre-amplification: can we borrow an amplifier from the company in Munich?
  1. Liquid scintillator sounds promising - no such experiment has been done in CALA before
  1. The experiment is most likely to be done over the summer with Julie/Sonja's help
  1. We should plan a short visit to LMU to see the beamline
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