LhARA Ionacoustic dose profiling meeting: 19Oct23; 10:30 GMT



  1. Simulation update: MM
  1. Future experiments planning: liquid scintillator attenuation length & saturation point, water-kapton-gel interface: All
  1. AOB: All


  1. k-Wave C++ error: run examples and double check with Billy, send code to Ben to run it himself
  1. The correct linear array should be simulated (Probe - 9L-D)
  1. FRPT'23 conference presentation: use the LhARA BDSIM simulation (not LION)
  1. Water-kapton-gel interface experiment: design a plastic/perspex fish tank with a brown kapton entry window - talk to Oliver tomorrow. The experiment is most likely to take place in November at ICR.
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