LhARA Ionacoustic dose profiling meeting: 7Mar24; 10:30 GMT



  1. Transmission measurement experiment & analysis: MM
  1. Zemax simulation: PH
  1. IPAC24' paper: All
  1. Third transducer choice: All
  1. 18-month achievements list: JB
  1. AOB: All


  1. Transmission measurement analysis to be continued offline by Maria & Jeff
  1. Peter will submit an abstract today for the Optica Imaging Congress in Toulouse
  1. Maria will start writing the IPAC paper. Richard might be able to present the poster in Nashville
  1. Jeff suggested to use Precision Acoustics' Piston Hydrophone. Maria will simulate it in k-Wave and run the image reconstruction algorithms
  1. Jeff will circulate the 18-month achievements list for people to edit
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