LhARA fortnightly Meeting 14th February 2023; 14:00 GMT



  1. Notes of previous meetings and actions
  1. News and updates: K. Long
    • KL commented on the excellence of CM3 in Brm last week. Excellent to see the full programme laid out.
  1. Updates on progress: C. Whyte/All
    • Still finalising the response to the review.
    • Principal upcoming issue is the 6-month progress review. There is pressure to have this complete by 23Mar23 when the next ITRF Project Board will be held. N.Bliss has pencilled in the 21Mar23, to get good attendance C.White will organise a Doodle. Goal is to get as many people into one room as possible.
    • Principal load will be on WPs 1, 5 and 6. However, WPs 2 and 3 need to be represented to address issues raised authoratively. The ion-acoustic imaging is not quite so critical at this stage.
  1. STFC Accelerator consortia call update: K. Long
    • The evolution of the laser-wakefield consortium was discussed. A meeting will take place on 15Feb23 to decide how to proceed. Likelihood is that a strategic development approach will be taken.
  1. MRC MDPI call update: A. Giacca
    • AG, J.Parsons, K.Prise, KL had met to try and identify a way forward. Planning so far is to develop an initial radiation biology programme encompassing a variety of ion species from a variety of sources, conventional and laser driven. Key contacts overseas in, e.g., Dresden had been identified. Deadline for the outline proposal is third week of March.
  1. DoNM :
    • 28Feb23; 14:00 GMT

  1. AoB
    • N.Bliss: 6-monthly review; noted above.

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