• Discussion of MSci project admin
    • Literature review
      • Due 3rd October
      • Worth 15%
      • Reports are completed separately, but can collaborate
    • Safety hazard form
      • Due 10th October
  • Updates on SmartPhantom progress from Ken
    • Made a start on winding lab - started with fishing line
    • Hopes that there will be a prototype made over summer
    • MM working on simulation of response of fibres
    • TM working on simulation of what beam does to tissue
  • Reading material to start with for literature review
    • HT's PhD thesis
    • Publication on LhARA
    • TOPAS
    • Hadron therapy
      • Use treatment planning monte carlo simulations - target volume
        • How do people plan to do these measurements today
        • Protons excite nuclei -> emit photons MeV with ring of crystal photon
    • Think about the drawbacks
      • E.g. count enough photons - take time
      • By definition photons don't come from bragg peak bc no longer have energy
    • Alternatives: Proton tomography
    • Proposal for LhARA - scientific summary - bibliography
    • Valuable to understand how scintillating fibre
    • Why did we choose fibre? -> Density similar to water
    • Scintillating fibres
    • Why fibre vs other methods for detection (similar density to water so less perturbation)
  • Role of VL and AML
    • Assume we have a plane by October
    • Get involved in irradiation - Birmingham (proton cyclotron)
    • Analysis of data

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