Minutes: Meeting to discuss literature review

  • Update on project - how far has it gotten?
    • Lots of hiccups
    • Colleagues in Munich are further along and have done experiments using small water phantom - 10cm
    • KL will send AML and VL papers
  • Updated direction of project
    • SmartPhantom design is going to change -> make it smaller
    • Advantages of collaboration with Munich: Not constrained to sample dishes at MedAustron
    • Need to understand acoustic signal better
    • Josie has learnt Topas
    • VL and AML will be designing and building scintillating fibre & sticking in beam
    • Main thing is the ionacoustic and scintillating fibre
    • Old instrumentation is scrapped
    • How would we wind a smaller (1cm x 1cm) fibre plan
  • Literature review advice from KL
    • Compare and contrast of other techniques people have used - MRI, prompt photon??, using proton tomography
    • Proton beam therapy - but not too much as it's well known
    • Understand differential equations of energy deposited through ionisation, spreading of beam through multiple scattering, deposited instantaneously, sound propagation differential equation (k-Wave does this - but should have better intuition without needing k-Wave e.g. write some code in Python)

Next steps:

  • KL, JMcG, MM, AML, VL will meet at start of term, i.e., 3rd or 4th October
  • AML and VL can email KL with questions until then
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