Minutes 10:30am meeting:

  • Have the same goal as pre-summer, but taking it from a different starting point
  • Job is to design the detector using 250 micron fibres (already made)
  • Need to talk to Oliver- engineer – about frame and design
  • Found that uniformity over a large distance for the fibres was bad
  • Meetings
    • Ionoacosutics every thursday (10:00)
    • Meeting with Ken every week (TBC)

Minutes 11:00am meeting: (VL & AML)

  • Plan of action for the next week:
    1. Prototypes, components we need
      1. Each come up with prototype design - meet 11am next Tuesday
    2. Alignment process - how to achieve
      1. MICE alignment procedure - Anthea
    3. CAD design, familiarise ourselves with this?
    4. Meet Oliver
    5. Quenched Bragg curve - simulate?
    6. Shared PowerPoint for meeting
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