BioPhysicsX meeting; 02May23; 09:00


Present: CJ, KL, IMcN, PP

  1. Notes and actions: All
    Input to CJ as follows:
    • IMcN: Pre-clincal/clinical facing aspects of institute initiative
      • IMcN has looked, some comments to come.
    • PP: I/p on delivering "a new, novel, big, different thing"
      • First comments passed to CJ.
    • AG: I/p on biology and capability for radiation biology
      • AG out of action for the moment.
  1. BioPhysicsX two-pager: CJ, All
    Draft 1
    • Long discussion. Key points/actions noted:
      • PP will share/solicit input from:
        • Expert communicators.
        • European technology network, and, in consultation with IMcN, colleagues in FOM at Imperial.
      • Different versions need to be prepared for, e.g.:
        • "Public"/lay audience;
        • Influences/decision makers;
        • Funding agency personnel/Institute (Imperial, Oxford) leads
  • IMcN has possibility to present in a 10 minute slot to CRUK on 26Jun23:
    • Need to develop appropriate version to be ready for this date.
    • Need to work up slide deck for IMcN sufficiently in advance.
  1. Evolution of CCAP: KL, All
    We agreed to seek to exploit the opportunity to present development of CCAP into BioPhysicsX.
  1. Opportunity with CNRS IRC: KL, All
    We agreed that the CNRS/Imperial IRC provided an opportunity to initiate an international dimension to the activity and to broaden participation at Imperial.
  1. CIO submission: KL, All
    Stalled, will try again until it is submitted.
  1. Actions and next steps: All
    • Continued development of document.
  1. DONM
    • CJ, KL, PP to meet in a fortnight;
    • Seek two meetings with IMcN; one in a month and one just before his presentation on the 26Jun23.
  1. AoB
    • Offering a seminar in convergence science centre of IRC/IC. IMcN agreed to help find a slot.

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