BioPhysicsX meeting; 16Jun23; 08:00

Summary of actions

  • KL: Collect possible final slide drafts
  • KL (CJ): Add pictures to non-Imperial focussed two-pager.
  • KL: Seek meeting with S. Heutz.
    • Note added: done, 20Jun23.
  • KL: Solicit next meeting


  1. Notes and actions: All
    • IMcN: Seek CSC seminar on LhARA intiative
    • KL: Seek Amato on slides
      • Now underway
    • KL: Post set of presentations on wiki for reference and pilferring
      • Done
    • KL: Solicit or find slides from Yolanda
      • Done, but, still need to get input perhaps. KL will be speaking to YP later today. Need to agree if we need more input.
    • CJ, KL, PP: Liaise to produce initial slide deck by 14Jun23
      • Done.
    • IMcN: If there is a Div. of Cancer rep attending White City on 23Jun, make contact with
      • Superseded.
    • KL: Seek meeting to brief Sandrine Heutz for KL and IMcN
      • Stands. Note added, email sent 20Jun23.
    • KL: (Added) Ask Sophie for slide template, if there is one
      • Done.
  1. Slides and support for IMcN 10 min presentation to CRUK on 26Jun23: CJ, All
    Good discussion of slides and messages. Slides now in IMcN hands. Agreed to provide in addition:
    • "Sexy" ending slide drafts (KL)
    • 2-pager with pictures (KL, in CJ's absence, to be updated on her return)
  1. BioPhysicsX two-pager: CJ, All
    Present draft
  1. CIO submission: KL, All
    Good progress with PP and S.Quinlan yesterday. Need personal data from AM. KL will move to complete a full draft submission.
  1. Actions and next steps: All
    • See above.
  1. DONM
    • TBD. KL to as SL.
  1. AoB
    • None.

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